Visa card, PayPal, Western Union and bank transfer are the four different payment methods that are available for your online shopping on our web. The following reference can guide you how to pay your orders.

1. Visa card
Visa card is considered as the major method for payment . If each of your payment is under 1000 US dollars , you should pay via Visa card on our web . One more important thing is that your billing information must be the same as shipping information , or your payment will be a failure.

2. PayPal
PayPal is really a very convenient and fast payment method for your online shopping . If you want to pay via PayPal , please pay close attention to NOT write any brand name on the PayPal statement, or your payment will be returned . Please contact us for PayPal account.

3. Western Union
Western Union can be used by customers located in different countries of the world. You must ensure that the seller' first name and last name are correct if you want to pay by Western Union . Tell us your first name , last name , currency , country and payment amount through email , you can also choose to fill in our form : MTNC (Money Transfer Control Number) , so the invoice will be posted correctly .

4. Bank Transfer
Bank of China is the available bank that you can transfer your payment to our account.